Light after Dark …Ombre Chair


Most recent and ambitious makeover lol. Old country chairs that were old, dirty and scratched. I wanted to try the ombre painting technique that is such a popular hair color trend. Harder than it seems but but I learned a lot. Like: Do not use latex paint for this technique!!! Latex dries way to fast to blend properly without leaving obvious lumpy brush strokes. Also not a good idea to do this outside lol. The trick in doing ombre is making sure your 2 main paints (lightest and darkest) paint is still wet.

But I didnt give up, I resanded the clumps out, took the chair inside the garage and repainted with an artist paint brush creating a better middle blendy ombre area. Also the fact that a chair has spindles you need to go around didn’t help. Now if my object was completely flat like say a table top? Wayyyy easier to ombre.

Anyway~I then sealed the seat with 3 coats of polyacrylic to make it smooth, shiny, and protect it from the wear and tear of future bums. 🙂 Im satisfied. Stay tuned, I picked up an old antique steamer trunk at my local swap meet that I am rehabbing. Happy day!

The After…

Just a short blurb in terms of how my project turned out. My client was very pleased and so was I! I really like working with chalk paint!



Coming soon…Ombre country chairs! 🙂

Practice Project: Damsel in Distress

Wow. It’s been awhile! What can I say? It was a cruel summer lol  but here we are and I have scored my first PAYING project. Yay me! My client wants her coffee table redone shabby chic and distressed. I like the look of vintage, rustic pieces myself so I’m excited! Months ago I looked into chalk paint to produce that shabby chic, vintage, aged look but hadn’t tried since, well life got in the way. Now that I have this project coming up soon I needed some practice in working with these paints and distressing. I thought I’d use a table I already had to practice on.

I chose Cece Caldwell’s chalk and clay paint in Vintage White. It is 100% green, non toxic, zero VOC. You can literally paint with this inside your kitchen if you wanted to. There is no odor!

Off I went sanding, painting, sanding, waxing. Yes, In that order 🙂 When I was done, I felt it still needed some depth. I prefer these pieces to look layered. So I experimented and used Martha Stewart craft paint in gold/bronze that I already had and added water to make a sort of “stain”. This made the color a golden off white and brought out cracks, strokes, imperfections, etc. lightly (I don’t own wood stains so I improvised) The final step is applying the waxing cream. This protects, deepens the color and gives a  subtle shine. The portion under neath the table top is just strictly the chalk paint, distressing then final wax.  The second table top at the bottom is just left over paint (latex) that was already in the garage. Didn’t feel like wasting all my Cece’s on this practice piece. I like the way it came out all funky junkie 🙂 The paints are oh so easy to work with, go on smooth, and sand away with almost no effort. You can even wipe off instead of sanding. Can’t wait to work with these again so I can get better!




23 Ways to Hipsterdom

American Gypsy

I have felt like a gypsy for much of my adult life. At one time I had keys for 3 different places I was staying depending on which day of the week it was so when I first heard the song “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac it struck a chord with me. (no pun intended!) I was only a child when this band was huge so vaguely remember some of their songs but I’m now appreciating what a great band they were. I’m even  finding all sorts of house/electronica remixes of some of their hits! 

Crystal Visions – The Very Best of Stevie NicksI’ve heard people say Stevie Nicks was too “witch-like” but you can’t deny her amazing songwriting skills and her unique voice. In fact, she has inspired me to refurbish/redesign a coffee table I picked up a while ago using lace or lace print. We will see… Enjoy the circa 1982 video and stay tuned! This one might take me awhile 🙂

Dress you up in my Love

Tuxedo Dresser

My newest completed project- An old, dirty dresser repainted, and hardware added. I call it the tuxedo dresser…I wish I had taken a before pic but it really went from ewww to ooooh la la! 🙂

Fly Girl; Part Deux

I did it! I now have a lovely vintage suitcase table/night stand.

IMAG1326 (480x640)

Not bad for being my first time ever picking up a power drill. lol I am selling it locally on Craigslist here but if there’s anyone out here in blogland that would like to buy it, contact me so we can coordinate the logistics. 🙂

Fly Girl

vintage suitcase

Real vintage mid-century gem picked up at a local estate sale. Love the way it looks like it’s been places… lots of places  at a time when air travel was a fancy and glamorous affair.

I think I’ve decided to decoupage it  or possibly making a table out of it like in the pic below:


My Purpose to Re-Purpose


I love love love doing repurposing projects! I feel like I saved something from sure death and magically gave it a new purpose, a new life! Following is my most current recycling project I did for my youngest sister. Continue reading