My Purpose to Re-Purpose


I love love love doing repurposing projects! I feel like I saved something from sure death and magically gave it a new purpose, a new life! Following is my most current recycling project I did for my youngest sister.

I’ve been putting off repurposing an old desk and dresser (that used to be mine a lifetime ago lol) tucked away and forgotten in my mothers garage. I was 8 months pregnant when I first imagined the potential of these pieces but there was no way I could physically do it, obviously.

A few days ago my youngest dear sister was discussing the chaos that is her room and what changes she would like to make, which inspired me to tackle the task I had been putting off. My baby is 3 months old now. I think it’s time for momma to play! She (my baby that is) kept me company in the garage while I pulled out the desk underneath storage bins, bags of clothes and old boxes. I dusted it off and got to work! 

 Before Before

During-desk During

After After

I hope they (the desk and my sister) live happily ever after. ❤ A thank you to Mom for saving it. 🙂



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