About Me

Born and raised in the heart of Orange County, CA. After a corporate layoff, instead of completely falling apart, I just got busy! I decided to pursue my passion for interior design and acquired a Certificate at IDI (Interior Designers Institute) in Newport Beach, CA. The aesthetic that I am drawn to usually is fresh, clean, and casual mixed with classic traditional pieces, as well as adding something unexpectedly fun that makes the space unique.

I am now venturing into furniture repurpose and custom painting projects with the hopes of turning freelance projects into a real living.  BUT if you don’t catch me painting something in my studio (aka the garage) or reorganizing and rearranging something in the house, you can find me at the gym getting my work out on. 😛

In this blog expect to see not only my little design projects, but also the things that inspire my big imagination…fashion, art, architecture, food, and music to name a few. I am totally new to this so it will perpetually be a fun ever evolving work in progress. Enjoy! 🙂

laguna beach (453x640)


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