Light after Dark …Ombre Chair


Most recent and ambitious makeover lol. Old country chairs that were old, dirty and scratched. I wanted to try the ombre painting technique that is such a popular hair color trend. Harder than it seems but but I learned a lot. Like: Do not use latex paint for this technique!!! Latex dries way to fast to blend properly without leaving obvious lumpy brush strokes. Also not a good idea to do this outside lol. The trick in doing ombre is making sure your 2 main paints (lightest and darkest) paint is still wet.

But I didnt give up, I resanded the clumps out, took the chair inside the garage and repainted with an artist paint brush creating a better middle blendy ombre area. Also the fact that a chair has spindles you need to go around didn’t help. Now if my object was completely flat like say a table top? Wayyyy easier to ombre.

Anyway~I then sealed the seat with 3 coats of polyacrylic to make it smooth, shiny, and protect it from the wear and tear of future bums. 🙂 Im satisfied. Stay tuned, I picked up an old antique steamer trunk at my local swap meet that I am rehabbing. Happy day!