Dressed to Kill…It!

Isn’t this wallpaper cool? And that handbag? Gorgeous! Don’t worry chartreuse scarf I love you too.

I’m realizing more and more how fashion and interior design are truly intertwined. I’m sure lots of amazing rooms were inspired by the pages of Vogue and not House Beautiful. Never really thought about this connection until design school though. The majority of the students always dressed with so much style I thought maybe our grades depended on it. Nary a Juicy sweat, faded hoodie, or a nasty bedhead witnessed here! I guess if you can dress up a house stylishly, you can manage to dress a human being nicely as well? Looking deeper at it, both practices follow the same basic principles: Balance, proportion, scale, function… Well maybe not function so much. I’ve worn many a tight pencil skirt and 4″ inch heels to work. I could barely walk, let alone function. Hey at least I looked good?! Haha


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