As sweet as…

I love to bake. Most likely because I love sweets. For a long time, I never even thought of attempting making a pie from scratch so I would visit my local Marie Calendars or  sadlyMcDonalds for my pie fixes. Last year my son asked me if I could make him a blackberry peach pie. (Why such a complex combo I will never know lol) I thought I would cringe at the thought but I actually looked forward to it and it was in that moment I overcame my longtime pie crust phobia! I made it and it turned out pretty amazing on the first try. Now Im a pie making machine! lol

The only thing I can’t seem to get a handle on is transferring the top crust. I get it rolled out okay but on the transfer it usually breaks on me. My solution? COOKIE CUTTERS! I just cut out the dough with whatever cookie cutters I have on hand and layer the cut outs on top. This is what Ill do until I get the traditional top crust method right. Much more fun anyway haha!

The pie crust recipe is here, courtesy of Bobby Flay and Food Network. Below are pics of the pies I’ve made using this “technique”

dino crust stars crust Apple Hearts pie crusts


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